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Q: How old does my son/daughter need to be to enroll in a class?  
A:  Students must be 15 years old to enroll in the course. All students registering for a course must be 15 when they sign up for a course.  

Q: When will my student complete the driving portion of the class?
A: We will begin signing students up for drive times after they receive their permit from the BMV. Drive times are setup between the parents and the driving instructor.  Times and dates are flexible to meet the needs of each individual student.

Q: How long do I have to complete the program?  
A: You have 120 days to complete the online/classroom and driving portions.  If you need more time to complete, that can be accomodated at no extra charge.  If more time is needed, you will just need to contact us and sign a time waiver form.

Q: How do I get my permit? 
A: Anyone getting a permit must now first pass the written exam at the BMV.  We will issue the CDE form necessary to get the learner permit after a classroom or online session has been completed.  You must have this permit to drive at any time in the course or with a parent.  

Q: What if my student needs to miss a classroom session?
A: Missing classroom sessions is not permitted.  If you feel you will have a conflict with a session, please consider a different session or our online option.  Only under extreme circumstances will an absence from a classroom session be considered, and there could be up to a $60 fee incurred for each absence.  

Q: How exactly does the online course work? 
A: The online course offers students the freedom to complete the 30 hours of bookwork at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home.  We issue the CDE form necessary to obtain the learner permit upon completion of the online course.  Feel free to contact us for more info regarding our online course.

Q: I didn't know about your company and my son/daughter has already completed another online program.  Can we still complete the driving portion with you?
A: Yes you can!  You will need to fill out a registration form and send it in with a copy of the certificate of completion from your online provider along with a payment of $360 to cover the 6 hours of driving.  Once received, we will issue the CDE form for you to obtain the learner permit.

Q: Do you offer the BMV driving test portion of licensing? 
A: Yes we do!  Once a student has completed the course they may take the driving portion of the BMV exam, and we will stamp their permit accordingly.

Q: My student is ready to get their license, but we have lost their paper permit with the passing grade on it.  What do I need to do? 
A: Assuming you completed one of our courses, you will need to contact us to have a letter written stating that your student completed the course.  You will then present this letter to the BMV.  There is a $10 fee for this service.  

Q: Where does my student meet for driving sessions if they are enrolled online?
A: For online courses, students have the option to drive out of several of the four county schools.  Choices include Angola High School, DeKalb High School, East Noble High School, and Prairie Heights High School.